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Arturas Bumšteinas „Jakov & Gwizdały”

“Jakov” for the sounds of unplugged electric organ (2012)

This piece was composed solely from the sounds that were sourced from the old soviet-Lithuanian era electric organ called „Venta“. The organ was un-plugged from it's electricity socket and used as a percussive/tactile sound object. It was rubbed, scratched, hit, banged, dragged, hammered, patted etc... and all these concrete sounds were woven into the multi-layered structure of the piece with some of the sounds being digitally processed. „Jakov“ is dedicated to my father who in the 70s and 80s worked in the factory in Vilnius which produced electronic and radio equipment. This piece was premiered in Jauna Muzika festival in Vilnius, April of 2012.

“Gwizdały” for various whistles (2012)

In eastern Poland there is a small village called Gwizdały which in Polish language means „whistles”. It's primary school is a home for unique museum of whisles. In it's collection there are several thousands whistle-species of various shapes, origins, ages and of course – timbres. This museum's exhibits were recorded in a discreet, clinical manner; later the collection of these whistle-sound recordings was used in two different parts of the “Gwizdały” project: sound installation in public space and an acousmatic concert in the concert venue. For the installation part the whistle sounds were assembled into a bird-song-like sequences with plenty of silence and were transmitted via a quadrophonic speaker system which was installed in the Warsaw's busiest spot – near the entrance to the Centrum metro station. The speakers were hidden from the eyes of passers-by, thus creating a ghostly experience. Other part of this project was realized as an acousmatic concert in the darkened venue of Warsaw's Ujazdowski Contemporary Art Center. In this second part the sounds were structured into more dynamic sequences and denser layers. Version presented on Cronica is a mix of both installation and concert parts.

„Gwizdały” project curated by Joanna Turek (Galeria A19 Marymont) and Andrzej Załęski (Sala Laboratorium / Ujazdowski Center for Contemporary Arts), Warsaw, April of 2012.


released September 1, 2012



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Arturas Bumsteinas Vilnius, Lithuania

Arturas Bumšteinas is a composer, sound artist, performer, improviser working in the fields of experimental, electroacoustic, comprovized music with orientation towards collaborative practices. He is founder-member of ensembles Twentytwentyone, Zarasai, Works&Days. His music is represented by various international festivals and labels, exhibition art is represented by Antje Wachs Galerie in Berlin ... more

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