by Arma & Refusenik

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"TWO MEETINGS" by ARMA & REFUSENIK on Noosphertilizer II Compilation

2 x 60 min. cassettes

Illustrations by Bryan Hartnett

Design, assembly, home dubbing in real time by D. Petri

Arma & Refusenik
Gushing Cloud
Homogenized Terrestrials
Nigel Samways

These 4 artists share digital and/or electronic natures. They express varied aspects of electronic sound climates and materials; some simmering and stirring in a steaming pot, some assembled like legos, some awkwardly scraping along like insects, some whimsically jittering across a field of grass, some slowly deflating like a bicycle tire, some accumulating fungus like a half eaten peach, some sprawling and expanding like mole tunnels. Like, most of the sounds here are dealing less with rhythm, structure, or tonality than with texture. Unusual moods of abstract tonality are formed by various synthesizers and samplers. Digital realms are dominant, with small insertions of organic sound (sampled or home/field-recorded) by Nigel Samways and Gushing Cloud (H.T. may also have an odd sample in there somewhere…).


released September 1, 2014

Arma & Refusenik deeply explore synth sound palettes, offering bizarre feelings and tone layerings. Some playing, some meditating, some frights, some anthill chaos of colliding frequencies. Bemused explorations of synthesizer sound banks and possibilities of spontaneous composition. The two are seeking the weirdest fruits from the synths in the largest quantity possible, and they’ve provided a prodigious basketful of fortuitous electric intersections.



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Arturas Bumsteinas Vilnius, Lithuania

Arturas Bumšteinas is a composer, sound artist, performer, improviser working in the fields of experimental, electroacoustic, comprovized music with orientation towards collaborative practices. He is founder-member of ensembles Twentytwentyone, Zarasai, Works&Days. His music is represented by various international festivals and labels, exhibition art is represented by Antje Wachs Galerie in Berlin ... more

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